“Thanks for the manual. We went into it again only last week to find some more tips. I especially liked the part about relevant consequences. For our 3-year-old, none of our “consequences” to bad behavior were working – not because we were not following through on them but, I think now, because he didn’t understand why he had them, so the behavior kept repeating.

For example, he was a boomerang in bed! We tried a star chart, the naughty step, and then telling him he couldn’t watch TV in the morning when he got up (at 5 a.m. – which was more of a punishment for us in the end!).

However, when the consequence was having the door shut for five minutes so he would stay in bed, he didn’t like it – and understood after a few times that this would be the consequence of getting out of bed. So now he still gets out of bed, but he calls from the stairs to tell us that he is going to the bathroom, or to get a glass of water and then will get straight back into bed – and he does!

It’s one down, several to go. The big thing for us at the moment is whingeing and whining.

Thanks for this – and I still recommend The Sleep Sense Program to all my new parent friends and family.”