“There were a couple things here that really stood out for me. The tips for using time-out were different from other books I’ve read out there (which are a LOT!). I really like that you suggest not using the bedroom – I always had a feeling it wasn’t a good idea, but had reached the end of my rope so I started trying it. It was such a hassle! And to top if off, they’d mess up their rooms. Having somewhere close enough to be convenient, but still away from the “action” was a great tip! I also went out and bought a timer, so I don’t have to again go back and let them know they are out of time-out. As a busy homeschooling mom of 4, every little bit of time and effort I can save is important!

I also really like the explanation regarding children “listening” to us. I was wanting them to “do,” not “listen.” Just that little tidbit made a difference. I am also really “listening” to them now, parroting what they say to let them know I’ve heard them and just generally filling up their “love tank” with quality time, so we have less reason to discipline in the first place. I’ve been using the technique to get them to do certain chores they are supposed to and it’s really working.

These days, most of the time, I only have to say “1” and they stop what they are not supposed to be doing, with no yelling or frustration on my part! Awesome!

Having the videos was the BEST, because I could get some quick info without having to read it right away, what a blessing!

Thank you so much for this – it’s really needed. I was part of a parenting group and we’d all discuss discipline, but mostly it was a discussion of what we tried and didn’t work! No one was really getting anywhere, so I sent them to your website.

I bought your Sleep Sense Program 2 years ago and it was THE SINGLE MOST AMAZING parenting-related item I have ever purchased! And that was after THREE kids!! You literally saved my sanity when it was hanging by a thread because of no sleep. No exaggeration. So when you came out with a discipline book I had to have it. Thanks, Dana.”