“The part that struck me the most was one of the first parts of the book, about listening to your kids. I liked how you showed how silly some situations would look if those were 2 adults: making sure they wear a jacket, etc. But the big “a-ha!” moment for me was when you mentioned that if kids cry or act out, we tell them that it’s because they’re tired, thus invalidating their feelings. My mom used to ALWAYS do that to me, blaming any emotion on the fact that I was tired, and it DROVE ME NUTS! And, I guess I have been doing that a bit with my son. So now I try to be more careful about invalidating feelings. It doesn’t mean that he’s not tired, but it doesn’t help for me to just point that out.

I also liked the “When nothing works” chapter. Very helpful!

Other than that, I found that the book had many good tips that I’ll be able to use… later. My son just turned 2, he’s not even talking yet, and has no sibling yet, so I found some of the situations/tips were for when he’ll be a bit older. Like, reward and homework charts, the “consequences” chapter.”