Kids: The Manual had some different ideas that I had not come across. I have started applying several of the suggestions and they are getting me positive results. I have a 3-year-old, a 7-year-old and a 10-year-old, all girls. Specific examples are:

With all 3 of my girls, I have used mirroring back their feelings. This has helped significantly because it seems to stop them on their path of complaining or prepping for a tantrum and instead they calm down. It’s also beneficial for me in that it gives me a moment to calm down and reflect on how they are feeling rather than how I am frustrated.

I also have seen results from using choices rather than bribes or threats. I’ve been wanting to get away from threats for a long time and this is a great tool. I’m still learning about what choices to give, but the kids usually opt for the right one.

Another positive has been to listen better and let up on the advice and judgments. This has especially been helpful with my 10-year-old. We can have a conversation and she can walk away feeling good about talking to me rather than regretting it.

Overall, I loved how simple and to the point this book is. I can go back and review easily.”