“I have found the book Kids: The Manual an easy-to-read and easy-to-use resource. I especially enjoy the workbook. I found the introduction to each section a wonderful “highlight” and reminder of what I should remember to do. It was phrased in an easy manner with key points to focus on.”

Beth MoultonInfant Preschool Development Educator

“Hi Dana, Reading Kids: The Manual was so helpful as it’s helped me to set a “mind framework” to prepare for the next steps in my son’s development. He is only 20 months, but already I can put at least some of the advice in your manual into practice. Hopefully it puts us both in good stead for the months ahead. Thanks Dana.”


“…Another positive has been to listen better and let up on the advice and judgments. This has especially been helpful with my 10-year-old. We can have a conversation and she can walk away feeling good about talking to me rather than regretting it. Overall, I loved how simple and to the point this book is. I can go back and review easily.”

Monica Gibson

“…I just wanted to thank you for the manual. It is absolutely full of great ideas which work. When in doubt, I always double-check what you suggest for specific problems. It seems to work a treat! Thanks again very much for your help!”

Fabienne Chatelis

“…Your book also helped me realize that I shouldn’t really treat my son any differently than I treat anyone else. Treating my son with more respect really worked with him. He has been much more cooperative because I stay calm and patient, and he can see that I’m listening to him.”

Michele Hawkins

“…After following the methods in Kids: The Manual, our girls need very little asking to keep their room tidy. If they know there are friends coming over, they voluntarily tidy their rooms as well!”

Narelle Bormann