Are you frustrated (and sometimes embarrassed) by your child’s tantrums and outbursts… whining and fighting… or other “bad” behavior? Does your house often feel like a battlefield between you and your children? Are you looking for a better way to resolve conflicts with your kids?

You’re certainly not alone! As parents, we all occasionally get overwhelmed, and the truth of matter is that disciplining our children can often feel like just another chore..

But the good news is that no matter how short-tempered, disrespectful or “spirited” your child can sometimes be, there are proven solutions to all the most common behavior problems that most families face.

And the best part is that – just by following some simple, step-by-step methods – most of these problems can be quickly and calmly eliminated from your home… often in as little as just 2 days!

Interested in learning how? Let’s get started…

Are Any Of These Behaviors Causing
Stress In Your Home?

If you’re the parent of a child between the ages of 2 and 12, there’s a good chance you find yourself dealing with at least one of these situations on a fairly regular basis…

  • Temper tantrums: Your child suddenly “loses it” over a seemingly tiny detail. (You ask her to put her coat on for school, and the next thing you know she’s literally kicking and screaming – and nothing you can do or say will calm her down.)
  • Persistent whining: It seems like every time your child asks for anything, it’s done in a whining voice.
  • Fighting: Punching, kicking, even biting other children.
  • Not listening: You’ve told your son three or four times to go upstairs and brush his teeth, and he’s still sitting in front of the computer as though he hasn’t heard you.
  • Arguments: With some kids, everything seems to be a dispute. (Do you really have to explain to your daughter – again – why she’s not allowed to play with your nail polish?)

Now, some people will tell you that all these behaviors are all “just part of being a kid.” And if you’re only dealing with these issues once in a while, I agree!

But if these behaviors are causing you to be exhausted at the end of the day… or dread going out in public with your child… or sometimes feel powerless to control your family.. then it’s time to take action!

And I’d like to show you the quickest and easiest ways to make it happen!


Dana Obleman, Author

My Name Is Dana. I’m Here To Help…

Before we go any further, you’re probably wondering who I am, and what qualifies me to talk to you about your children…

Well, over the past 12 years, I’ve helped more than 57,000 parents like you solve their biggest parenting challenges. I’m probably best known as the creator of “The Sleep Sense Program,” the Internet’s best-selling resource for baby and toddler sleep problems, and “The Food Sense Program,” a “how-to” guide for the parents of picky eaters.

In addition, I’ve got a BA degree (with a major in Behavioral Psychology) — and another degree in Elementary Education (B. Ed). I spent several years as a first grade teacher, and I’m also the mother of three children (aged 8, 5, and 4.) Children have been at the very center of my personal and professional life for a long, long time!

More important, however, is that the strategies you’re about to learn have been proven – time and time again – to work for families just like yours. This system is called Kids: The Manual and I’m so confident in these methods… that I can actually guarantee them!

Surprising Solutions To Your Most Frustrating Parenting Challenges!

So what makes Kids: The Manual different from the hundreds of other parenting and behavior books out there?

Well, for starters, Kids: The Manual is much, much more than just a book. As you’ll see, it also includes a complete video library, reward charts, and loads of other valuable resources.

But what really sets it apart is the no-nonsense (and sometimes surprising) approach it takes to eliminating problem behavior from your home. For example, you’ll learn:

  • Why you might NOT want to use time-outs for children under the age of 3. (And how to get any child to stay in a time-out without a fuss!)
  • The unexpected benefits of sibling rivalry. (Also, how to deal with fights between brothers and sisters without hurting anyone’s self-esteem.)
  • The foolproof way to get your child to actually enjoy doing his chores… that works almost every time! (Even if this DOESN’T work, I’ll explain my 4 favorite “backup plans!”)
  • The REAL reason why kids don’t listen – and the simple switch you can make to solve this problem… once and for all!
  • The critical difference between a “consequence” and a “punishment.” (Plus, how to let “natural consequences” teach your children right from wrong… without having to say a word!)

For many parents, though, the most surprising part of Kids: The Manual is…

It “Uses” Good Behavior To Replace Bad Behavior!

Children want to please their parents. That’s a fact. Nothing makes a child happier than the pride they feel when receiving praise from their mother or father. This desire to please our parents is so strong that it lasts right into adulthood.

So when we’re trying to encourage good behavior in our kids, one of the most important things we can do is make it really easy for them to please us! This means creating lots and lots of opportunities where we can “catch” our children being good. (I’ll show you exactly how to do this…)

Secrets To Short-Circuiting Stressful Parenting Situations

The most frustrating (not to mention exhausting) behavior problems are the ones that we have to deal with over and over again. For some parents, it’s temper tantrums… for others rudeness… or maybe it’s outright defiance. But did you know that many of the most common problems between parents and kids can actually be “short-circuited” before they even start?

Kids the Manual
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From Kids: The Manual, You’ll Learn:

  • Why most temper tantrums are actually caused by parents – and how one simple change can virtually eliminate tantrums from your home once and for all!
  • How parents accidentally put their children on the defensive at the very beginning of the day… and the simple step to avoid it!
  • The unconscious communication mistakes that almost all parents make – but hardly ever recognize…
  • Secret weapons for making “transition times” a breeze. (Getting ready for school and getting ready for bed can be temper tantrums waiting to happen. Not anymore…)
  • How to get siblings to solve most of their disagreements – without needing your help at all!

Of course, sometimes children WILL behave badly, and it’s important to know what to do when it happens. Kids: The Manual will give you simple, specific instructions on what to do when your children misbehave – and I’ll explain how to discipline your child in a way that won’t leave you (OR them) feeling angry or disconnected!

The Only Complete Behavior Resource For Kids Aged 2-12!

As you probably know, there are a few different “behavior modification” programs for sale online. But the truth is that most of them are designed for older children and teenagers… and can cost hundreds of dollars!

Kids: The Manual is the only program created especially for children aged 2 – 12. And because I’m making everything available to you online (rather than sending you a box filled with books and DVD’s), you won’t pay the $300+ that many other similar products sell for.

In fact, when you place your order, you’re not just getting Kids: The Manual (which is 100 pages of no-nonsense, to-the-point solutions to your biggest parenting problems). You’ll also get all these bonuses – valued at almost $90 – at no charge!

Kids the ManualBonus #1: Kids: The Workbook Quick-Start Guide

One of the reasons that Kids: The Manual works so well is that it genuinely inspires parents to take action! Where so many other parenting resources overwhelm you with theories and concepts, Kids: The Manual actually takes you by the hand and explains, step-by-step, how to deal with all your most challenging parenting problems.

Kids: The Workbook encourages you to think about the changes you want to make in your family – and then helps you create an action plan that will take you there! It includes easy-to-follow sections on:

  • Improving communication with your child. (When to give advice, when to ask questions – and when to just let your child vent. Believe it or not, sometimes the best thing to say is… nothing at all!)
  • Co-operation 101. (One of the biggest complaints parents have is that their children just won’t co-operate. I’ll show you a proven plan that actually makes your child excited to follow instructions!)
  • The right way – and the wrong way – to use time-outs. (Time-outs are probably the BEST way to deal with most behavioral problems in young kids… but most parents aren’t using them the right way. The “one-warning rule” and a simple egg timer can make all the difference…)

… and much more! The 33-page Kids: The Workbook is valued at $19, but is yours free with your purchase.

Kids the Manual Reward ChartsBonus #2: Reward & Achievement Resource Package

One of the very best ways to motivate children of any age is to take notice when they behave well – and reward them appropriately! For younger children (up to about age 6), the reward can be something as simple as a certificate that says “Way To Go!” (For older kids, I recommend coupons that entitle them to a dinner at their favorite restaurant, an extra hour of video game time, etc.)

When you claim your copy of Kids: The Manual I’ll include a huge collection of goal charts, achievement certificates, and reward coupons that you can print out and give to your children when they impress you with their new behaviors. If you haven’t tried this before, you’ll be amazed at how well it works!

There are 23 charts, certificates, and coupons in all (valued at $19) and they’re all included at no charge when you order Kids: The Manual from this page.

Bonus #3: Video Resource Library

Since I wanted to make sure that Kids: The Manual was the single most complete package available for parents, you’ll also get 10 video recordings, which you can watch right on your computer:

  • Video #1: Why Do Kids Whine – And How Can I Stop It?
  • Video #2: Consequences vs. Punishments
  • Video #3: Consistency… And Why It Is So Important
  • Video #4: Why Won’t My Kids Listen? Here’s Why (And The Solution)
  • Video #5: Time-Outs (When To Use Them… And When NOT To!)
  • Video #6: Sibling Rivalry And How To Deal With It
  • Video #7: Stress-Free Weekday Mornings (Here’s How…)
  • Video #8: How To Make Mealtimes Civilized Again
  • Video #9: How We Can Become Better Parents
  • Video #10: What You Should (And Should Not) Expect From Your Kids

These videos are over 80 minutes in total, and you’ll get instant access to them as soon as your order is completed.

A $39 value… but yours free when you place your order today!

How You Can Get A BIG Discount Today…

When you place your order today, you’ll get instant access to all of the following:

  • Kids: The Manual (100 pages of solid, no-nonsense explanations on how to fix the most common behavior problems.)
  • The Quick-Start Guide (33 pages that lets you “fill in the blanks” and create a customized plan that’s just right for your family.)
  • The Reward & Achievement Resource Package (23 professionally designed charts, coupons and certificates that are perfect for positive reinforcement.)
  • The Kids: The Manual Video Collection (10 videos totaling more than 80 minutes that answer your most pressing discipline and behavior questions.)

You get everything… and you won’t pay the hundreds of dollars that similar programs are selling for online. In fact, it’s all yours for one payment of just $39.

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My Simple, No-Hassle Guarantee

My guarantee for Kids: The Manual is very simple. Either it works for you and your family, or it doesn’t cost you a thing. Period. This is how it works: After you place your order, you’ll be e-mailed a username and password that you’ll use to log in and access everything you’ve just read about. I invite you to use everything as much as you like for a full year.

If at ANY time during the next 12 months you decide that you’re not completely thrilled with the results from this program, just let me know (via e-mail or telephone) and your payment will be promptly and politely refunded with no questions asked. It’s that simple.

Satisfaction Guarenteed

Here’s How To Order:

When you place your order for Kids: The Manual, you’ll get instant access to everything you’ve just read about. Since everything is accessed online, you won’t have to wait for books or DVDs to be shipped to your house. You can literally get started just 5 minutes from right now!

So, to get your copy of Kids: The Manual (plus the $77 worth of bonuses not available anywhere else) for just $39, click on the button below:

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I’ll see you “inside” the members’ area in just a few minutes!

Dana Obleman – B.A. (Psych.) B. Ed. (Elem.)

Author of Kids: The Manual

P.S. Don’t forget that Kids: The Manual was created specifically for children between the ages of 2 and 12… and contains straightforward solutions to all the most common discipline and behavior problems like not listening, whining, fighting, and tantrums.

But the best part is that everything is guaranteed to work for your family! Since you are protected by my very simple 12-month, 100% money-back guarantee, there’s no way you can lose!